We had a most productive meeting this morning with Mayor Martyn Evans

We had a most productive meeting this morning with Mayor Martyn Evans. We were able to put forward the sites of conscience model and plan a forward direction for further advocacy. We believed that Mayor Evans what receptive to the ideas and concepts. We also had discussion around the current progress and the MOU Memorandum of understanding between the State Government and the Derwent Valley Council. It was also interesting to see how the Mayor saw Willow Court fitting into a total visitor package or experience. We are yet to see action, but we are hopeful that the direction that was explained will see something start soon. We are defiantly going to keep an eye out for that.

We hope to see as many people at the open day on May the 6th. We are putting a proposal to the Willow Court Steering Committee on what we would like to do. We spent some time up at the site, had a light lunch at the old school building and met a Gentleman from Queensland who was tracing his great Grandfathers history from Wynyard to New Norfolk, where he later died in the 1850s.

Mark, Janet and Anne

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