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Willow Court tour of closed Barracks section

Brett Noble, the Conservation Committee’s Senior Project Manager, today showed me through the previously closed and sealed sections of the north and west wings of the Barracks. I was able to gleam a little of the breadth and depth of … Continue reading

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“Seared in their minds” Mercury Article 18th August 2013

 More from the Mercury about an apology to the previous Patients of Royal Derwent Hospital/Willow Court Training Centre. Two people are featured in this article, one an ex-patient and the other an ex-staff member. Both people wrote to the Mercury … Continue reading

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Broken Links “Repaired”

All links have now been repaired and are working. Please enjoy the historical study and reference material that has been given so generously by Susan Piddock, Australian leading authority on Asylums.  

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Federal Election 2013 Lyons

Today I wrote to each of the candidates that are seeking to be elected in the seat of Lyons, this is what I asked of each of the candidates: Can you inform us about your plans to support the restoration … Continue reading

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Derwent Valley Council; crisis talks over apology

The Derwent Valley Council’s Mayor spends time talking about an apology to the past resident of Willow Court with the Minister for Health and Human Services and the Premier according to the latest August Information Bulletin. So what do they … Continue reading

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Brett Noble; Restoration Report

Brett Noble the Senior Project Manager for the Willow Court Conservation Special Committee last Tuesday night gave the Friends of Willow Court Special Committee a briefing about progress of the restoration of the site. The work started last Monday on … Continue reading

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DVC Mayor and GM respond to questions about Willow Court

The Mayor clarifies the ownership of the Willow Court Tunnel in answering Cr Bester’s questions in April’s Council meeting of the Derwent Valley Council.  The Mayor advised that he was of the view that as the tunnel is on private … Continue reading

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Another letter to the Editor

Another letter has appeared in the Mercury from an ex-staff member and Chairwoman of the Friend’s or Willow Court today. Speaking on her own behalf Anne has brought up some interesting points about the site and it’s history, policy and … Continue reading

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