Archaeology invasion

Students everywhere! New Norfolk is host to a group of Students from South Australia who are on what is believed to be one of many trips to Australia’s oldest Asylum that has been on the same ground, and it is that last point that makes this an interesting site for archaeology. Layer upon layer of possibility is waiting to be discovered which the Friends of Willow Court are hoping to learn more about and the students are keen to get started. During this trip the current 2014 catalogue of remaining artifacts has been reviewed by the students under the careful guidance of Associate Professor Heather Burke. The 500 recorded items are being expanded upon as box loads of artifacts get broken down into singular items and the item count was over 900 by Wednesday night. The 2014 catalogue is being matched with older catalogues and cross referenced and there are some interesting pieces.

Members of the Friends of Willow Court also hosted the guests on Wednesday night at a BBQ at Anne and Chris Salts home. It was a great evening and we all enjoyed the teams enthusiasm for Willow Court’s history.


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