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Wow! I love this site! The history you provide is incredible, thankyou.

Glenda T Smith September 2017

Hi Mark, you directed me to the Linc a few weeks ago, I was looking for my mum’s long lost brother who died as a boy at New Norfolk, all we knew was his name and a very rough timeline of when he was born and admitted to RDH. Our trip to Linc recovered the details of his condition, admittance, birth and death dates, who admitted him…and best of all, we found his unmarked grave at Malbina Cemetery.

Here he is, finally he has a name and a resting place! Thanks Mark! 

Lauren Charlton September 2017

Hi Mark, I just stumbled across your website and wish to say well done on the work you are doing re Willow Court’s history.

I worked at WC from late ’81 til early ’87 as a ward aid, student nurse and RN. From 1987-2000. I worked only at RDH.

I don’t do Facebook as a matter on principle, so I won’t be joining your group, but just want to wish you and your team all the best with this project.

Jamie Shepherd RN, January 2017
Registered Lawyer (Qld)

I’m really enjoying all the posts on Willow Court. Great info – and jolly good on you for doing it all – thank you!!

Barbara Olsen, January 2015

Mark! Thank you for the great work you are doing on Willow Court, a site of conscience.

Rex Gorman, August 2014

I wish to congratulate you on the wonderful work with the web sites and the history of the mental hospital, truly spectacular.

Best regards and congrats again Mike McBain

Your page is a tribute and acknowledgement of those who have come before us with their vulnerability and often silent  & hidden suffering in their minds and at the hands of others.

Regards Christina, March 2014

A special thank you to Mark Krause from Willow Court Advocacy Group who kindly provided Fahan students with podcasts containing historical information about ‘Willow Court’ which gave the students fantastic insight into the working conditions, people and community.

 Fahan School Teacher: Liana Hayes 

Brilliant!! Thank you so much Anne, something I have been searching for since I arrived in Tasmania as a boat person 7 years ago. The best (audio) tour of Royal Derwent/ Willow Court you will ever get.

Craig Wallace. October 20, 2013

Congratulations to you Mark on your quality, informative and sensitive Willow Court website.  Without doubt your work provides a respectful interpretation of Willow Court’s history, something that has been sadly lacking in the last thirteen years.

Anne Salt. July 25, 2013

I congratulate you all in the wonderful work that is happening.  Keep vigilant and strong in your resolve.

Jacinta Leahy. November 3, 2012

Well done David Llewellyn and Friends of Willow Court Lets focus on the appropriate way to identify and acknowledge this significant site

Most visitors will be much more reflective and empathetic about a Site of Conscience

Margaret Reynolds. October 22, 2012

A tour should be part of everyone’s employment/training. Can’t move forward unless you know where you have come from….

Judy Broadhurst. May 8th 2012

Mark, I want to encourage you and thank you for all that you do for Willow Court to ensure it is not forgotten. Well done.

Moira Davidson. August 14th 2013

Congratulations Mark and Co.!  Great effort!!

Julie Diana Lawless. July 26th 2013

Great work Mark, and no doubt very valuable resources for students. Well done, again.

Anne Salt. July 19th 2013

Mark you’re a true hero thanks for all your work and time you are putting in to save our history don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help with anything

Scott Wells. July 6th 2013

Always nice to see people standing up for the right reasons for RDH / WC

Heather Quarry. June 5th 2013

Anne McKinstray, top job, I could not think of anyone who could have articulated the audio tour any better than you! Top job. You are and always will be a great advocate for people living with disability. Your empathy and respect is to be commended.

Sammi Strecker. 5th February 2013

Well done to you Mark on your informative and objective reporting on a wide range of Willow Court stories and issues related to the human rights journey of Tasmanians with disabilities. Keep up the research and information as it helps to ensure that all the hard work of many people who respect the rights and privacy of people with disabilities and their families is continued.

Anne Salt. May 25 2013

Well done to you Mark, the collection of films and information on Willow Court Tasmania provides a long overdue point of reference for those interested in the history and educational aspects of Willow Court.

Anne Salt. September 9, 2012

Thank you mark I feel very honoured to have my photos recognized in this way.

Karina Latham August 29th 2012

I wish I had found this site when I was doing my school project!

Ben Bolt. August 12, 2012

We cannot move on without reconciling with our past. I would venture to say that “in the day” most congregate care facilities across Australia, for people who had intellectual, physical and other disabilities would have similar stories to tell. As long as there are people out there who do have a conscience, we must try hard to ensure that Willow Court is recognised as a Site of Conscience.

Sammi Strecker. June 12th 2012

Mark Krause once again you bring fascinating finds to the site…thanks!!!!!

Toni Rugen June 2, 2012

Thanks Janet and Mark. This is a great initiative and Willow Court cannot have too many friends.

Damian Bester.  March 26, 2012

Thank you Mark and Janet your knowledge that you give people in very valuable my time as your student has opened my eyes to this place that was once home to so many people in our community.

Dee Kay March 23, 2012

Willow Court is significant to the Disability Sector! It has a rich and powerful history, and if we want to preserve it we need to take some positive action. We need as a sector to find ways to work with the council and community to assist them in their efforts to find the future direction for this site. We don’t have answers but as a collective group we can start to find them. What we do need is support! Please join this Facebook page and invite all people who you think have an interest and some passion.

Janet Presser. March 7, 2012