Maps, Plans and Aerial Views

Maps Plans & Aerial Views of the sites.

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This is a Willow Court west map which includes the older destroyed building outlines.

Phase plan WC portrait1


Below is the Geophysics map from the latest 2016 investigation. If you compare with the map above you can see that Ward A is in the bottom left corner of each.




This map was measured in “scale of chains” and drawn by E. W. N. Butcher in 1866. It was then changed in 1904, 1938 and 1948. If you zoom in you can read the then current land title holders names. The map shows the land that was acquired for the expansion of the ever increasing needs for hospital under the medical model of treatment. This massive growth was demanded throughout the hospitals history and later became one of the reasons, along with changing ideas, for the downfall of the medical model of treatment. The map also includes the township of New Norfolk and sections of the town on the opposite side of the Derwent River. The site still remains unusual in this location close to a township, as most Asylums were located away from populated areas and therefore the two histories are and will remain closely linked.