Dr. Susan Piddock

Do you want to delve into the early history of asylums and in particular New Norfolk’s Hospital for the Insane (Willow Court)? Well thanks to Dr Susan Piddock you can now read some well researched material from the hospital’s history, both building and people heritage, at Willow Court and beyond.

The Appendix E Treatments was a fantastic read and a real insight into the early philosophy of “non-restrain movement” and “morel” care methods. Throughout the papers and book you can see constant outsider or Advocate influences overseeing the standards or treatment that the Chief Medical Officers prescribed.

Susan is an Australian renowned published author and authority on Australian Asylums. Her work has been made available here by her generous nature and her want to share the history of Australia’s Asylums.

“I fell in love with asylums and l have boxes of material about WA and NSW which l haven’t had time to complete. I really wanted to understand the differences in asylums between convict and non-convict asylums”

Dr. Susan Piddock
Research Associate (Research Academic Level A) 
Department of Archaeology
Flinders University
South Australia


Susan has a passion for Asylums in Australia and with her well researched work it will be interesting to see the difference between the Convict and non-convict set ups on a nationwide basis. This would explain some of Tasmania’s history in the care of the people it housed.

“I am happy for you to copy anything you need for your website”

Thank you Susan for such a generous offer.

The links is to Susan’s published research and published works. It is available for you to read online and uses as a resource free or join the site and download it.

A Space of Their Own: The Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Lunatic Asylums in Britain, South Australia and Tasmania is now available through: 

https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Susan_Piddock and/or https://flinders.academia.edu/SusanPiddock


The following are appendices to Susan’s thesis which contain the additional material, primarily historical about the Tasmanian asylums and an earlier piece about the New Norfolk Asylum for the Insane.

Appendix D Tasmania Buildings 33 pages

Appendix F. New Norfolk Building Chronology 1 page

Appendix G Commissioner 9 pages

Appendix E Treatment 6 pages

Table 8.3 Inmates -TAS 1 page

Table 12 2 pages

The New Norfolk Hospital for the Insane 28 pages

Willow Court Centre 1835