Above: Copies of the scarce book, Troubled Asylum, by Ralph W Gowlland. White covered book is the first edition and the brown covered book, the second edition.

Places to search family history

This link will go to the Linc Tasmania webpage where you can search for family members and their patient files. Some of these are freely available while later ones are only available to family members. This is a great place to start your search.

List of Willow Court Asylum Admission Files available at the Tasmanian Archives.

Trove is a place to find information about the hospital. Keep in mind when searching that the hospitals change names from time to time and you may have to search relative to the time and name used for the hospital during it’s history: TROVE

Find and Connect

The Find & Connect web resource brings together historical resources relating to institutional ‘care’ in Australia. You can use it to read information about and view images of children’s Homes get help to find records about your childhood in ‘care’
connect with support groups and services in your state/territory

 Where did the Willow Court Bell Go?
Find out where the bell is and what condition it is in.

Books about Willow Court\RDH and Lachlan Park Hospital

Suggested reading about Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital

Friends of Willow Court Special Committee Meeting Minutes
Derwent Valley Council website.

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
We are calling for Willow Court to become an International Site of Conscience based on it’s troubled history and the people and families that it affected

Willow Court and Barracks Working Group Minutes
This is the history of the Friends of Willow Court Committee and a documentation of the slow progress of a community based movement to have Willow Court restored.

Friends of Frescati Minutes
The Friends of Frascati are a Derwent Valley Council Special Committee that have a passion for the restoration of Frascati house and gardens.

Willow Court Advocacy Facebook Page
We are looking for community members that have a passion for seeing a sensitive and respectful Restoration of the buildings and people heritage of Willow Court, please consider joining in and either hearing what is going on or join us in a more active manner.

Willow Court Plans and Documents
What is the plan for Willow Court? These are the plans that the Conservation Special Committee have been charged with implementing.

Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance
Originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania Institution for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic, Pennhurst was once seen as a model institution. Pennhurst is already a Site of Conscience.

Photo: inside the Ha Ha wall of secure Ward 7 on the Royal Derwent side of the Hospital.