Jan Dallas Collection

Here Jan takes us through some areas of low light and difficult angles, but gives us amazing clarity in presenting some beautiful images that show Willow Court in a context of time. Damaged and unloved, it stands as a reminder of past times and painful times. Home to many people with disabilities and a workplace for many locals each remember this place for different reasons from different angles. Contains images of C Ward, The Barracks, G Ward, A Ward, D Ward and E Ward. This picture of C Ward is haunting and shows visually the very nexus of a custodial Asylum.




Historic Photos

This group of photos are widely available, but here they are brought together in one album. K Ward, I Ward, The Barracks, the modern theatre, and the East side of the hospital under construction are displayed here. Frascati House, and Mill Brook Rise also feature here. They are a visual reminder of the many changes that this institution and it’s people went through.







Karina Latham Collection

Karina’s collections may be small in number but has been thoughtfully edited and presented. She first displayed her collection at the Tasmanian Polytechnic during a Willow Court Information Display as a collated single piece that also thoughtfully presents an experience she had when visiting during an education tour. This is a powerful picture that I think symbolises the solitude of a single room.






Present Photos

A collection showing the vandalism and damage and the current state of the buildings, some that have been burned down, sold and demolished. Many people are concerned about the loss to the heritage of Tasmania of our past, while others are happy to see it all go. A lot of the buildings that were constructed during 1960’s have designs that don’t lend themselves to alternative uses and have been abandoned now for 12 years plus. Often young locals can be seen wandering in and out of the buildings without due regard to their history and significance.









Samantha Bulmer Collection

A unique collection of photos that represent the “brown”  that people who visited the site 40 years ago explain to me when visiting from their school to assist in the care of those housed there. “Brown walls, brown food and brown clothes is all I can remember, brown everything”!

Samantha captures the wonderful long hall of A Ward, a similar design style that has been repeated around the world in institutional care facilities and leave many visitors cold and depressed, yet this was home to women that had been sent too Willow Court by the Legal system of Tasmania.









Celebrating Working Bees

Celebrating Working Bee gallery show the community spirit as Friends of Willow Court and the Conservation Special Committee work towards restoring Willow Court, one job at a time.







Open Day Gallery

This is a gathering of different media, photos, video and audio to show and celebrate our Open Days at Willow Court. The collection will be added to as each open day event takes place.





I had a recent visit to Beechworth and to the Mayday Hills Asylum during a holiday and was able to take some photos and connect up with an historian connected with the local Burke Museum. The Asylum started its life in the mid 1800’s and the architecture show this clearly compared with Willow Court’s Barracks building. The locals are very pleased that the recent sale of the property went to two local business men and access to the historic site and magnificent gardens is open and encouraged to locals and visitors alike. Click picture to find gallery.